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Meet the team

Our Team


We have a large team of dedicated Physiotherapists who specialise in the management of musculoskeletal pain problems. They are based both in our central 'hubs' and in some local GP Practices. They assist in helping you understand the cause of your pain problem and offer multiple ways to help you manage or resolve your problem.

The Physiotherapy team are also responsible for running our condition management programmes for Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis, longstanding back pain, and Shoulder rotator cuff syndrome. 

Extended Scope Practitioners (ESP's)

Our ESP's are specialists in the field of musculoskeletal problems. They all have a health care professional background (they are Physiotherapists or Podiatrists) and have undertaken both post graduate study, as well as extensive periods of joint working with relevent medical specialists to develop their competencies and skills.

They fulfil the role of case managers, offering diagnostic expertise and management advice on complex cases, or cases that have failed to resolve. They are able to request further investigations, perform routine injection procedures as well as some ultrasound guided injections, and can arrange surgical opinion or place on a surgical waiting list where surgical management of a problem is required.

Administrative and Secretarial Team

Our administrative and secretarial team are responsible for ensuring all aspects of your journey run smoothly from start to finish. They ensure that your referral is handled in a timely manner. They are responsible for booking your appointments, welcoming you when you come and visit us, and answering your queries if you call.  Our secretarial team support the ESP's and ensure quick communication of clinic letters back to GP's.

Service Management

The manager of the service is Mr Kevin Wilson. He can be contacted on 01904 725389 or 725390.

The Clinical Lead is our AHP Consultant which is currently out to advert. If you would like more information about this role, please contact Kevin Wilson or see NHS Jobs.